1.Part of Suntory Global Company

This ensure that every employee has the chance to grow not only within Suntory Garuda but with Suntory as a whole. We have the Global Talent Mobility as a platform to transfer talent across business unit and regions.

2. Our Culture & Value

In Suntory Garuda our value is not mere slogan but we live in it. We consider our value as part of the essential to engage the employee and to boost the energy.

3. Equal Opportunity

in Suntory Garuda we don’t differentiate people based on gender, religion and nationalities. We promote diversity and inclusivity. Everyone has the chances to grow with us as long as they show the willingness and applied the values in their ways of working.

4. Compliance to the regulation (CoC)

where we as part of the corporate citizen promote a clean practices and compliance to the regulation while at the same time we still pay attention to the society through our CSR program.