A Brighter Future For You & Me

As part of the SGB Anniversary celebration, on the next day, 12 August 2017, Suntory Garuda demonstrates its commitment to local communities and education by held a CSR event with children from SEKOCI (Sekolah Kolong Cikini). The children was invited... Read more โ†’

Launching GoodMood

After March 2017 launched a variant of Good Mood Lemon and Honey, this time Suntory Garuda launched a new variant of Good Mood, namely Orange. Drinks made from pure water and fruit extract, now has two variants that enliven the beverage industry in p... Read more โ†’

Launching Mountea Home

MOUNTEA HOME, taste like a delicious homey tea, now already serve you at Lampung..After successfully launch at Jabodetabek and west java, now MOUNTEA HOME officially launch at Lampung, Metro, Kotabumi, Pringsewu, TulangBawang and Kalianda. Yudi Wahy... Read more โ†’


As the Company continuously grows, prospects for professional growth are abound. Our business offer talents a variety of functional opportunities.

9 Immediate Vacancies

  • Wetha Meirene Sinaga , Champion Trainee I am grateful to be part of this team. the great leader , friendly collague, challenging work with spirit never stop learning and improvement make SGB can support all their employee to develop their skill and perform better. we always work together to find the way to perform better, because there is no the best way, but there are always the better ways..

  • Seftian Radhitya , National Key Account Manager There are 5 reasons why i love my job; i love the flexibility and the freedom to create my work schedule. i love interacting with interesting people on daily basis. i love working with my colleagues and customers. i love going to different stores and seeing my products being displayed and seen. i love being in the outdoor and meet the business owner to help them expand and boost their business and increase their profitability. Working for SGB is an enjoyable and rewarding position and it is a privilege to work with such supportive team.