MYTEA-Web Series Forget an Ex

MYTEA is trying to break new ground in the digital world, by presenting and sponsoring a web series - in collaboration with and 8 famous youtuber celebrities among millenials. This activity has been watched by over 4.6 million viewers through the 8 web-series youtube videos, and continues to grow until this moment. Through this web series video, MYTEA seeks to communicate its brand message in the digital world with the target audience as much as possible, also in an efficient and effective way.
MYTEA Brand Manager, Mrs. Evalina says, "Breakthrough in the digital world is a must, it is all we know through the fastest, largest, and widespread effects, especially to communicate the brand message and all its activities that can be supported through this media. Digital is also one of the appropriate and relevant media to touch the millenials. " Through this web-series, MYTEA wants to communicate its new brand message and tagline "Segarnya bikin hidupmu ngalir lagi", which is invested in the story in every each series, as well as introducing all the MYTEA products, especially the new products launched this year, and influence all the viewers to taste MYTEA with unique flavors in each variant:
• MYTEA Oolong is delicious and smooth flowing down the throat
• MYTEA Matcha with attractive aromatic packaging, the right bitter-sweet taste, and feel refresh after the tasted
• MYTEA Jasmine with mild jasmine and flavor
In the end, this ATL digital promotional activity is expected to provide experience to the consumer to understand the message that MYTEA brand wants to deliver and all the renewal done in this year so it can be a strong bridge to develop MYTEA as a beloved brand of RTD TEA PET and can remain competitive in the next years.