Okky Youth Soccer League Tangerang

After competing for six weeks, finally two soccer school (SSB) teams, Forsekot and TBK, were determined to represent Tangerang in the National Okky Splash Youth Soccer League U-12.
It is recorded that during the selection held in the Tangerang district, there were 16 SSBs that took part, among others, Cipa Cipondok, Talenta FC, Diklat Kebon Nanas, Serpong Jaya, Forsekot, RMK, Cimax, Larangan FC, BMIFA Kota, TBK and other SSBs.
The final was held at the Yon Arhanud Rajawali Stadium, Serpong, Tangerang on Sunday (23/4). Forsekot and TBK got the highest points in the final, which was won by Forsekot 1-0. Both team will represent the Tangerang district.
Both teams will later fiercely compete the national level against representatives from other cities to win tickets to Singapore to take part in the Singa Cup U-12 at the end of this year.