Naura & Genk Juara The Movie Press Conference

Jakarta, November 14th, - Series of promotional launching of the movie Naura & Genk Juara continue, and this time it took place at the Suntory Garuda Head Office, where a press conference was held. The cast & crew of the movie Naura & Genk Juara, among others, Naura, Okky, Mama Nola, Tante Tike, Handoko Hendroyono (Producer) were invited. This event was also attended by 50 media crew who covered this event which turned to be a merry and cheerful event. It was officiated by the President Director of PT. Suntory Garuda Beverage, Fransiskus Johny Soegiarto, who gave an opening speech. After so long finally there is an Indonesian movie creator who makes a musical drama movie with children genre that contains a lot of educational values. As manufacturer of soft drinks that are loved children, we are very pleased that OKKY can be part of the movie Naura & Genk Juara for cheerful and creative Indonesian children. OKKY supports the development of creative Indonesian movies, in particular, quality movies pertaining Indonesian children because we know that educative entertainment and those that are in accordance with children’s age are very important for a child’s psychological development, said Fransiskus Johny Soegiarto. This movie is one of various ways to build a tough young generation that is able to face various risks and challenges that tend to become higher, with conduct and achievement which enable them to face global competition. This generation needs an approach model and typical behavior shaping, which involves mental development process in an intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual way. As a product that is close to children, OKKY wants to share cheerfulness with the Indonesian children through educative activities and entertainment such as paying visits to schools in Java and Bali through OKKY Jelly Drink Fun Truck School to School, Gerak Ceria OKKY Jelly Drink to educate children to be active and cheerful, and OKKY Splash Youth Soccer League which is a program that uses soccer to entertain children. To become the main partner of the movie Naura & Genk Juara it is part of our mission to share cheerfulness with the Indonesian children. We hope that Naura & Genk Juara may inspire Indonesian children to be more creative, not stop dreaming, and love another and nature, ends Martinus Rezal, OKKY Senior Group Brand Manager. Back