The Winner of World Kaizen Forum 2017

As the representatives of SGB and SBFA, Bogor team and Tangerang team went to France to join the prestigious event, The 3rd World Kaizen Forum. This event was held on October 31st 2017 at Domaine Lyon Saint Joseph Hotel, Lyon, France. There were 11 teams who joined from SBF Group. In addition to us, the other participants came from France, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, UK, US, and Vietnam. As the result has come, SGB received great news from France as Bogor Plant team, Amalia Riyanti and Agus Triyanto, became the first champion of World Kaizen Forum 2017. Although it was the first time SGB joined World Kaizen Forum, but we proved that the first prize was ours! Congratulation Bogor Plant team! Fantastic! Besides that, Tangerang Plant team, Anggi Novriani and Ulqi M. Iqbal, also demonstrated excellent presentation. They got many positive impressions from other colleagues in SBF Group. Well done Tangerang Plant team! Both Bogor Plant team and Tangerang Plant team succeeded to make these amazing outcomes. What a great achievement that we got this year! Well done SGB Suntorian! Winston S. Churchill said success is not final, it is the courage to continue that counts. We know this is not the final journey to our SGB Kaizen ship. We have to keep this Continuous Improvement spirit high and be ready to the next battle in 2018. Yatte Minahare !! Back