OKKY Jelly Drink & Mountea won INDONESIA Best Brand AWARD 2017

Based on the MARS 2017 survey, Okky Jelly Drink and Mountea, two of Suntory Garuda leading brands, receive the highest rewards in the Flavored Jelly Drinks and Fruit Flavored Tea Drinks categories with Premium nomination in the 2017 Indonesia Best Brand Award (IBB Award) event that was organized by SWA Magazine, MARS and Metro TV. For the year 2017, brand surveys were conducted in several big cities in the country within a period of three months. Using multistage random sampling method, the surveys were conducted on more than 10 thousand respondents to find out the best brands from various product categories. By being chosen as the best brands in their categories, Okky Jelly Drink and Mountea have proven that presently local brands are successful in dominating the national market that has a very big potential with 250 million people. This prestigious event has been held since 19 years ago. The 2017 IBB Award was held at the Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017. As a bench mark for Indonesia’s brands performance, several of the best companies in Indonesia attended the event. In addition, such event also gathers producers whose brands are chosen by the consumers. The 2017 IBB Award also has a purpose to update information based on the surveys findings relating to some matters and new products that have made into the category of the country best products. The 2017 IBB Award 2017 is a form of appreciation to global brands that thrive to be The Most Valuable Brands. Back