MYTEA greets their customers through the activities of MYTEA Office Attack which started from May to June, spread in 10 offices around DKI Jakarta such as: SQ Dome, Bidakara, Graha Mandiri, Antam, SMESCO, Arcadia, Graha Iskandarsyah, Era Tower, ANZ, and Cyber Building.
MYTEA held a variety of exciting activities, so that the consumers are interested to try and they can directly enjoy MYTEA, such as: wheel of fortune, games, trick art photo contest, and also product knowledge. It's become more important through this activity, MYTEA sell and sampling the product which called MYTEA Oolong 350ml, and introduce its the newest product: MYTEA Matcha 450ml.
Evalina, MYTEA Brand Manager, said that "The objective of this event is to communicate the repositioning of the MYTEA Brand, as well as to provide an exciting experience for consumers of the brand and the product itself. It is implemented through its new tagline ”Segarnya bikin hidupmu ngalir lagi", and reinforced with digital campaign #hidupngalir through all the social media of MYTEA, and of course to the target MYTEA consumers who are in office environment”.
In collaboration with Indika FM, this activity is made with 3 in 1 concept: online (indika social media), on air (IndikaFM radio), and on ground (10 capital office, inside office and outside of building area).
Consumers can buy 3 bottles of MYTEA 350ml with price only Rp.10.000 and immediately they can join the games with prizes. SPG also active to distribute a sample cup of cold MYTEA Matcha to the employees who is enthusiastic came to MYTEA booth, especially to the consumer who play wheel of fortune and join trick art photo contest. In here, they can taste the delicious and smooth flowing MYTEA Oolong, also the new Matcha MYTEA with attractive aromatic packaging, the right bitter-sweet taste, and feel refresh after tasted the product.
In the end, this promotional activity through BTL 3in1, is expected to provide experience to the consumer to know more about MYTEA and all the renewal done in this year, in order to be a strong bridge to develop MYTEA as a brand of TEA PET RTD that can remain competitive in the next years.