A Brighter Future For You & Me

As part of the SGB Anniversary celebration, on the next day, 12 August 2017, Suntory Garuda demonstrates its commitment to local communities and education by held a CSR event with children from SEKOCI (Sekolah Kolong Cikini). The children was invited... Read more โ†’

Launching GoodMood

After March 2017 launched a variant of Good Mood Lemon and Honey, this time Suntory Garuda launched a new variant of Good Mood, namely Orange. Drinks made from pure water and fruit extract, now has two variants that enliven the beverage industry in p... Read more โ†’

Launching Mountea Home

MOUNTEA HOME, taste like a delicious homey tea, now already serve you at Lampung..After successfully launch at Jabodetabek and west java, now MOUNTEA HOME officially launch at Lampung, Metro, Kotabumi, Pringsewu, TulangBawang and Kalianda. Yudi Wahy... Read more โ†’


As the Company continuously grows, prospects for professional growth are abound. Our business offer talents a variety of functional opportunities.

1 Immediate Vacancies

  • Syahdan Sayidah Ulfah , Trade Marketing Specialist Im really happy to be a part of Suntory Garuda Beverage. I have received many valuable lessons, a good friendship, a good team, challenging in work and that made myself more better. I feel Yatte Minahare in my self. One team, Agility, Never give up, Fun and Agility. I believe that the struggle that you do today is the single way to build a better future.

  • Noverry Prasetyo , Accounting & Assets Head Able to work in Suntory Garuda Beverage is one of the most challenging experience for my professional career. In here, situation sometimes changes rapidly and this will becoming my challenge to adapt with the changes and also improvements to make things working. in here also, we could explore lots of thing and make it happen. Im glad and honor to become one of the Suntory Garuda Beverage family member. I hope and believe that Suntory Garuda Beverage will be one of the most leading beverage in Indonesia. Lets get beyond